Anna Dawson is challenging the farm-to-table-foodie-sustainable-agriculture-graduate-blogger-tweeter to take their passion to the next level. She’s recruiting those bright-eyed creatives looking to make their mark to help us all build the next logical step in community resilience and sustainable food design: a harvest kitchen 50 miles in every direction! Now is the time to birth a community food processing network that includes food preservation with a new look :  food that’s quick to prepare, yet respects SLOW food values and meets the health needs of 21st century eaters.  <read the rest>

Anna is on a mission to inspire locavore chefs, family cooks, caterers, and cooking club members to join year round Harvest Kitchens in order to increase the use of  unsold farm fresh foods.  A community supported Harvest Kitchen provides the nutrition analysis program, kitchen tools, equipment, insurance, training and support passionate cooks need to create healthy “Quick, Slow Foods”.  These Harvest Kitchens provide a new wholesale market for local farm food that normally might be given away, fed to farm animals or become waste for the compost pile.  A sustainable food system works when farmers can sell all that they produce.   Cooks’ vast array of healthy food choices become the basis for direct marketing and distribution businesses.  These high quality, easy to access, reasonably priced whole foods become the key to a waste free local food system.

So you want to add your harvest kitchen to the network? Need help starting one at your school, church, or closed down local grocery store?

Written on November 18th, 2011

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